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Setup & Use​​ Instructions


The Corn Silker requires a 110 volt single phase power supply (house current) with a 20 amp GFI circuit breaker. Attach the garden hose to the nozzle (A). Water only needs to be turned on a tiny bit. Max water temperature on brushes is 110 degrees Fahrenheit, it does not need to be higher in order to clean the sweet corn. Shucked corn is fed into end (B) and cleaned corn comes out end (C).


Adjustments Instructions


Adjustments can be made on the input end for different sizes of corn and also for better performance. For setting the brushes closer together, use a ½ “ wrench. Back the second to bottom nut (A) up a bit on either side then turn the bottom nut (B) so it is tight again. For setting the brushes farther apart use a ½” wrench and turn the bottom nut (B) downwards a bit. Place the larger end of the plastic spout in towards the unit. Now turn the bottom nuts (B) up against until it clamps the spout. Finally, back the next to the bottom nuts (A) down until firm.​



Cleaning & Care Instructions


CAUTION! First make sure that the receptacle is GFI certified and that the power supply cord is properly grounded!

1) Lift the water hood up off the top the unit. (Usually works best to pull the hood straight upwards as opposed to raising one end at a time.)

2) Remove all loose silk from inside the machine by hand. (CAUTION! Machine is not to be running during this step.)

3) Turn the desilker on.

4) Rinse out the hood and sweet corn desilker using fresh water that is less than 110 degrees Fahrenheit.

5) Rinse off the outside of the machine.

6) Let the desilker run for approximately 10 minutes.

7) If necessary, cautiously run your hand over the brushes while they are spinning to take the stiffness out of them.

Safety and Operating Instructions


1) Keep all guards and shields in place. Failure to do so could result in personal injury, amputation of body part or death.

2) The owner is responsible to properly train all workers initially and at least annually thereafter in the safe operation and servicing of the equipment.

3) Make sure that everyone is clear before starting the machine.

4) Do not wear loose fitting clothes around moving parts(B) of this machine while it is running. (Results could be torn clothing, broken bones(A), serious injury and/or death.)

5) Do not place hands into the machine while it is in operation.

6) Keep hands (A) and clothing away from all moving parts.(B)

7) Keep children away from machine at all times.

8) Make sure the electric power is properly grounded with a GFI receptacle or breaker.

9) WARNING! All workers or children helping around the machine, long hair, ponytails or pigtails will NEED to be properly tied up. The brushed and sponges are able to easily catch onto long hair, braids, pigtails and
ponytails. You do no want your hair caught in the machine!

    (C)       (A)                                       (B)









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